More Dance News

Well, I’ve been doing a lot more dancing since I moved and certainly in the last few weeks. I went to a Salsa on2 class on Jan 21st and a Salsa on1 class on Jan 24th, which was a lot more fun than Salsa on2. I returned to that same Salsa on1 studio for their first dance social of the year on Jan 27th.

I was pleasantly surprised at how many guys asked me to dance despite the fact that I did not know much beyond the basics. Praise Jesus for giving me the ability and talent to follow as well as I do because some thought I knew more than I actually do. Salsa is definitely not my dance, but it’s fun with the right dance partner. There was one guy who wasn’t as advanced as the others, but he still knew way more than I and managed to make me look really good on the dance floor.

The instructor finally asked me to dance and within seconds, the power went out in the entire studio!!!  It took a few minutes for the staff to come up with a remedy, but they got the music playing again and the party continued. I left shortly after the power was restored. I was debating whether or not to take another Salsa class on Wednesday night, but I have decided to stay home and conserve my energy for the Swing dance on Saturday night. The last Swing dance in my area was on Dec 2nd, so I’m really looking forward to this dance!!! I pray, dear Lord, for good weather and a huge turn out because I need to get back into the swing of things, pun intended!   🙂

I’ve been going to the Elks Club every Friday for the last few weeks, but will miss it this Friday because I’m going to support a friend as she and others share their testimony.

I’m now debating whether or not I will take a Waltz/Hustle class that begins on Monday at another local dance studio. The funny thing is that I was going to ask the Salsa studio about taking a class in these same dances before I checked another studio’s website and found that they’re offering a special: 4 classes for $45 for the month of February. I really want to take the class it’s just that it’s on a Monday and I hate to go out in the cold. Knowing me, I will probably take the class.

I’m sharing this Cupid Shuffle video because it always motivates me no matter what I’m about to do. One of the ladies from church shared a video on Facebook of some people doing planks to this song!!!  🙂


Ballroom Dance Update

I know it’s been forever since my last post and I am going to try to be more consistent with posting moving forward.

I haven’t danced that much since September, but I have gone dancing a few times. I feel like I need to do a re-cap because I don’t recall where I left off with my dance news. So, I went to a Swing dance that was kind of like a feeler to see if people would show up or were interested in dances in this particular studio. There was a very nice turn out and the next dance is in February. Yes, a super long wait as the first dance was in November or December. I’m hoping these dances will become more frequent, but time will tell.

I believe I went dancing at the Elks Club a couple times between September and October. I did not go to the Elks in November or December, but I have begun attending the dances again as of this month. In fact I went Friday night, but didn’t have as much fun because 2 hours before the dance, I found out that my childhood best friend had passed away a month ago from breast cancer. I was in complete and total SHOCK!!! The Friday before that, I had an awesome time dancing! I danced a few times with Philip, who is the BEST dancer that attends the events at the Elks Club!!! I don’t know how old Philip is, but he’s at least 80 but you would NEVER know it because of how well he dances and moves about the dance floor!!!

I WANTED to attend the Swing dance in Whippany, New Jersey last night, but I just couldn’t force myself to drive that far to go dancing. I’ve told myself that I will go very soon, especially the dance that the Gup is DJing, and then try to attend more frequently as the weather gets warmer.

I’ve decided that 2018 is the year that I get back on track with my dancing! That brings me to the Salsa lesson that I took today, yeah on a Sunday! I did not know until I arrived that it was Salsa on 2, which is quite difficult for me because I’ve already learned the basics of Salsa on 1, which has the woman stepping back on the 1 with her right foot. Salsa on 2 means the woman steps forward on 2 with the right foot. I did pretty well considering I was totally confused because I naturally want to step BACKWARDS on my right foot not step forward!!! The instructor gave me a lot of praise after dancing with me on the 1 because he could see that I know what I’m doing but when I have to switch to dancing on the 2, it’s very hard, especially when I have to do a turn or cross-body-lead. At the end of the class, the instructor approached me and told me that I did well and encouraged me not to give up. He also apologized because there weren’t more advanced dancers for me to practice with because most of us were true beginners.

So, my dance card for the week ahead is dancing at the Elks on Friday night and possibly going into NYC to dance Saturday night at the You Should Be Dancing studio where I first began dancing at their Saturday night dance socials. They have a live band playing and there is NOTHING like dancing to a live band!!!

This video shows the Suzie Q that we learned in tonight’s Salsa lesson. This video is Salsa on 1. Also, we did a different Toe Tap, but this gives you an idea of what we did. We did not do the Ghetto Fabulous move.

It would be nice if I could find a studio that teaches Salsa on 1 so that I can build on the little that I do know because I don’t think I will ever be very good at dancing Salsa on 2. I’m too comfortable dancing Salsa on 1 and too good at dancing Salsa on 1! 🙂


I cannot believe how long it has been since my last entry. Life happens sometimes. I look forward to getting back on the horse.

Today is Thanksgiving and I have much to be thankful for. Today also marks 8 months that my brother-in-Christ went home to receive his Crown of Glory. I want to share the post/tribute that I posted on my Facebook page.

Dear Bill,
Today marks 8 months since you went home to be with the Lord to receive your Crown of Glory. It took me 6 months before I could even look at any of these pictures because it was just too painful. I was planning to visit your grave today, but the Lord proved once again that He works in mysterious ways. Yesterday, I went to pay my respects to a wonderful sister-in-Christ as she was being laid to rest…and as it turns out, she was placed a short distance from you. So, Raj was kind enough to stop as we drove by your grave so that I could visit for a few brief moments. Your headstone is just beautiful! As you know, today is Thanksgiving and I have MUCH to be thankful for!!! One of the MANY things that I’m thankful for is your friendship, kindness, generosity and brotherly love. I miss our visits and all the stories you shared with me. I still remember the day when God finally revealed to me why He did not heal me and prevent me from having surgery because if He had healed me, I never would have met you. So, I guess in a strange way, I’m THANKFUL that I had to have surgery and be in a rehab facility so that I could meet you, Bill. I look forward to the day when I will see you again my friend!!! I love you and I miss you!
Love your lil sister,








Be The Match

I signed up and registered a few years ago to become a bone marrow donor. I saw this video a couple days ago and thought I’d share because this kid’s life is just beginning for something so tragic to cut it short!

The process is just like those ancestry things where you take a swab of saliva and mail it back to them.

Consider becoming a donor because you could be the match!


Open Air Preaching

While watching this video I was reminded of the time I tried this on a train. I wasn’t brave enough nor crazy enough to do so on a train going through the Bronx, but I did it on a PATH train in Newark, NJ.

Ironically enough, I was with a group of young people (much younger than I at the time) from an organization that was endorsed by Ray Comfort in a video I saw a couple years ago.

The way they did it was to split up the Gospel presentation between 2 people: one person explains that we are ALL sinners in need of a Savior and the second person explains the gift of salvation through the blood of Jesus Christ on the cross. I was the second person sharing the gift of salvation. I didn’t speak very long, only a couple minutes literally, though it felt like an eternity while my heart was beating through my chest!   🙂

Anyway, I enjoyed this video and found it to be encouraging and hope you do, too.


Wow, I have so much to be thankful for that I don’t even know where to begin. I’ve been wanting to write for days, but again, I didn’t know where to begin.

This week was another good week at work. As I noted in a previous post, my new job is quite the challenge unlike most of my previous positions. I usually pick things up very quickly, but not so with this job. There is A LOT to learn and praise Jesus, I’m learning, just not at the pace that I would like or that I am accustom to, which takes a bit of getting used to.

Thursday, I got called into the boss’ office and I immediately thought to myself, “oh my goodness, what did I do now?” and “what on earth could I have done that was so bad as to get called into the boss’ office?” So, we walk to his office and he sits down and the look that came over his face made my heart sink and I immediately thought I was about to be fired!

So, he starts by saying that he’s glad to have me on board, he likes my work ethic, when he asks me to do something, I jump right on it and get it done, I’m not afraid to ask questions, he likes my personality in that if he says something to offensive, I don’t take offense and if I do, I don’t let it show. By the way, he apologized if he said anything to offend me and stated again that he’s glad to have me on board and a part of the team. I cannot recall a single time in my entire working life when I have been complimented and encouraged by not one but two supervisors in the span of a month and a half!!!

Now, we all know that there is no such thing as a perfect job because we are humans and humans are flawed creatures, there are pros and cons to my current position as well, but I’m thankful to have it.  I have finally found a job where I actually have work to do throughout the day instead of being bored staring at the clock waiting to go home.

I know I’m still in the “honeymoon” stage of this new job, but I must admit, I’m enjoying it thus far.

image (1248)


Crooked Cop Paired Up with Man He Framed

I am one of the most forgiving people I know. I don’t say that arrogantly or to toot my own horn, but because it’s the truth. I have never saw or understood the point of holding a grudge. Now, just because I forgive you, does NOT mean I will ever trust you or allow you back into my life. Forgiveness from me means that I hold no grudge against you for the wrong that you have committed against me. As I type this, a person who hurt me deeply has just started texting me. Why, I don’t know. But, like I said, I don’t hold a grudge. I still text this person to say ‘Happy Birthday’ and ‘Happy Father’s Day’, but that’s it. I have no interest in rebuilding the friendship. I have moved on and I wish them well. I just think it’s ironic that this is happening as I was watching this video about forgiveness.

I honestly don’t think I could become friends with a cop who falsified a police report that sent me to prison for 4 years!!!  I MIGHT be able to forgive the officer, but I highly doubt that I would be able to become friends with that person.  This video has me thinking…