Wednesday Night Dancing

I cannot believe I went ballroom dancing last night. Yes, I did a wee bit of sweating, too! Much to my delight and surprise, I had a lot of fun for a mid-week night of dancing. I decided to go because there is no dance at the Elks Club on Friday due to the Good Friday holiday, so it was an early birthday gift to myself.

I had the honor and pleasure of dancing with Tony during the mixer…twice! The DJ took way too long to stop the music so that the ladies could find a partner to dance with.

Let me explain. The mixer is kind of like musical chairs, which most of us played as children. The ladies get in the center of a circle that the men create by standing behind us and the ladies walk around the interior of the circle until the music stops, and she dances with the nearest man. I had the honor of dancing with Tony twice because the DJ played the music too long and we ladies walked around the circle at least one and a half times. You know you’re dancing with a good partner when he is able to lead you backwards through several groups of dancers. Yes, the dance floor gets crowded on a Wednesday, too.  🙂  Last night was my first time dancing with Tony, but I hope it won’t be my last.

I had fun dancing with Nino as always. Nino always takes care of me and makes sure that I dance whenever I’m there. I had fun dancing with Lou. Yes, I was able to confirm that his name is in fact Lou, as I heard others call him by name, not to mention, he won one of the raffle picks and his name was announced.  🙂

I’m having a really good time dancing, Lord, and I have only YOU to thank for it!!!  🙂


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