New Season, Same Lord

Are you in a new season or moving into a new season in your life?  Are you ready and willing to step out of the boat in faith to move in the direction where God is leading you?  I know it isn’t always easy and I can honestly say, it’s not easy to trust God, though we all say that we do. When push comes to shove, we ALL hesitate when God asks us to trust Him, I know I have.  God is not in the habit of giving us all of the pieces of His puzzle when testing our faith or trust in Him. No, He prefers to give us a little piece of information at a time as our faith and trust in Him grows, at least that’s the way He works with me.

I’m thankful for friends who send me encouraging emails and texts with websites or videos to encourage me or help in my walk.  This video was sent by one such person.

I pray you find encouragement in these words as I have.


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