Rumba Class

Just for the record, today is Monday, April 4, 2016 and i is now 9:28pm. I have figured out that the date on this blog changes after 8pm Eastern Standard time, so it will undoubtedly read April 5th when I hit the “publish” button.

Anyway, I just got home a short time ago from my Rumba class and have to say I enjoyed tonight the most since class began. We only had 3 guys (#4 left to go do something, but came back for the intermediate class) but it was fine since there were only 3 females (including the instructor). It just felt really good and the guys were on the money. I wish I could stay for the intermediate class, but then I would get home too late since it’s a 30 minute drive home.

I didn’t go to the gym at all last week and I really want to go in the morning. I have to find another way to get in some cardio since I can no longer jog on the treadmill since it’s beginning to hurt my knees when I dance. I’ve always known that dancers don’t run for that very reason, but I was working toward another goal…I’m disappointed that I won’t be able to accomplish that goal…at least NOT on the treadmill.   😦    I wish treadmills were padded like tracks are now padded!!!

I’m going to attempt to go dancing again this Wednesday after work. I have to drive down to that neck of the woods to stop by the chiropractor, so I might as well go dancing while I’m down there.

I’m watching ‘Dancing With The Stars’ and I just saw Wanya and Lindsay do a move that I’ve only seen in my head. I saw Rumer Willis and Val do a move last season that I had only seen in my head. I get so excited when that happens because I’m always curious to know if it is humanly possible to do such moves since I am NOT an advanced dancer nor a choreographer. Now, I’m starting to second-guess myself…perhaps I have seen that move that Wanya and Lindsay just did, but in my mind, I’ve only ever seen it in my mind with me dancing it. I guess I have to see it again and also watch my favorite Waltz routine danced by Mayo Alanen.

I just watched Nyle DiMarco dance the Tango. Anybody who knows me knows I can’t stand the Tango, but Nyle is an AMAZING dancer!!!  The man is completely DEAF and he just KILLED it!!!  I can’t wait to post these videos!!!   🙂   Anyone who uses an excuse to not even try to dance, has NO EXCUSE after watching a deaf man dance!!!



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