I’m Back…

I can’t believe it’s been as long as it has since I last wrote or communicated anything on my blog. I’ve been dodging life’s many curve balls and in the midst of it all, I also went on vacation.

Perhaps sometime in the next couple days, I’ll share some of the many beautiful photos that I was able to take on my trip.

It’s hard to believe that I’ve only gone on vacation twice in my life, September 2015 to Lafayette, Indiana and April 2016 to Boise, Idaho.

Boise is one of this nation’s best kept secrets as many assume there is nothing to do and it’s boring and who would want to go to Boise, but there is plenty to do and it is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!!  One of the most amazing views is from Table Rock with a cross at the top of the mountain.

In the midst of all that has been going on in my life, God blessed me with an opportunity to celebrate Passover. It was the best Passover celebration that I’ve had the pleasure of partaking in and with some really warm people; thanks Iliana for finding it and for taking me. My God is the most AMAZING because He gives me the desires of my heart without me ever asking!!!  Oh my goodness, I’m getting emotional, so I have to move on because I want to share last Sunday’s sermon, which I found to be most encouraging as I go through some of life’s changes. I’m in a “rush” because the date on this blog will change from today’s date of May 5th to tomorrow’s date by 8pm Eastern Standard time.



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