Blues Dancing

Blues Dance is a dance style that I have never seen in person nor actually tried myself. I hope to learn the basics one day so that I can dance to some of the slower songs out there. I took a West Coast Swing workshop a few months ago, which was quite challenging. West Coast Swing is one of the more difficult dances to learn, admittedly so by dance instructors as well. I’ll have to ask my favorite dance instructor, Lisa Skates of Simply Social Dancing, what the difference is between the two dances: Blues & West Coast Swing, since both are geared toward slow and/or R&B music.

I wish there were more places to dance where I live and more men who enjoy ballroom dancing as well as other styles of dance such as Blue and Country. God did not bless me with this natural ability just so that I could let it go to waste!!!

Blues is definitely on my list of dances to try and/or learn.


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