The Challenge

It has been quite a challenge trying to find a ballroom dance partner. I have posted an ad on craigslist in the past and found someone to practice with, but our schedules do not match, so I posted another ad about a month ago.

I got more responses than I expected, but unfortunately for me, none of the respondents knows how to dance. I find it particularly interesting that someone would respond to an ad specifically requesting that a person at least know the basics, yet each person who responded, did not even know that much. One person was a total no-show and the other was only interested in the horizontal bop, which is NOT on my dance card. So, I’m back to square one.

The most interesting  response was from an entertainment company willing to pay me to dance at weddings, corporate events, bar mitzvahs and such. The problem is, I do not have a dance partner; how ironic! In addition to the ad, I think I’ll try to dance in some different locations/venues to see if I can meet someone to practice with. It always helps to dance with a man who knows more than I do because it only strengthens my dancing. Most of what I know, I learned simply by going to dance socials.

I had a lot of fun dancing Friday night! Not many people attended the dance due to the weather, so I changed my seat and it worked to my benefit. I was being asked to dance more than usual and on a few occasions, I asked a couple men to dance. Yes, it’s rare for me as I’m a bit old-fashioned and I like to be asked. I had to ask my friend Marie to dance. Yes, she’s a bit older than I but an excellent leader!  We always dance Merengue together. I also asked Pat to dance. We usually dance together during the coffee and cake time when the dance floor is pretty empty and towards the end of the evening when again, we have a fairly empty dance floor. Pat doesn’t really know any of the dances, so we mostly dance improve. We must dance well together on-the-fly because we’ve gotten a few compliments. I keep trying to encourage Pat to take a few dance lessons, just to learn the basics so that we can do more on the dance floor. I always daydream about dancing the Waltz with Pat. Perhaps it will only happen in my dreams…

Well, as much as I had dancing Friday night, the evening began on a very sad note… As I was entering, I saw Evelyn wave me over to her sitting at a table. As I approached, I saw the look on her face and it was not good. I said, what bad news? and she didn’t respond, so I said, really bad news, oh don’t tell me…and Evelyn shook her head and told me that Helen passed away. I sat down and Evelyn told me that Helen passed away on Tuesday and was buried on Friday. Evelyn said she didn’t have my phone number, so she couldn’t call me to tell me. I couldn’t believe it. I was in such shock!

Helen was the first person to befriend me at the dance. We exchanged phone numbers and tried to keep in touch. I found out from Evelyn that Helen had a stroke earlier this year. I’m thankful that I had the opportunity to visit with Helen after her stroke and before she developed pneumonia and passed away shortly thereafter from choking. At least it is suspected that Helen may have choked to death. I pray that I will be able to see her again dancing in Heaven!


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