God Did Not Heal Me

I’ve been wanting to share this for a minute.

I was going about my business one day when God spoke to me. It was out of the blue while I was walking from one room to another…or at least that’s how I remember it. God does that a lot. I rarely get answers during quiet time or prayer time. It’s usually while I’m doing something that God just blurts something out. I don’t mind, though because I’m just happy that He speaks to me at all.

God told me why He did not heal me and allowed me to undergo my first ever surgery. Let me just say, it was the absolute WORST pain I have ever endured!!!

After leaving the hospital, I went to a rehab facility because I live alone and had no one to assist me during my recovery. So, I had to learn how to get in and out of the bed and how to put my socks and shoes on in a way that would cause the least amount of pain. It wasn’t until I got to the rehab facility that I found out that my doctor put staples in me. Call me crazy, but I think that’s definitely something a doctor should mention to a patient either before or after the surgery!!! I later found out that rehab places inspect your body upon arrival in the event there is a claim of abuse. So yeah, the nurse at an entirely separate facility informed me that I had staples in my body. Don’t you just love doctors??!!

Anyway, one morning I was sitting alone at a table in the dining room waiting to have breakfast when I see two guys in wheelchairs coming into the dining room. Most of the other tables were full, so one guy calls over to me and asks if he can join me and of course I said, “yes, c’mon over”. I mean, who wants to eat alone in a room full of people?!

They both sat at the table with me. The other guy left not long after finishing his breakfast, but Bill and I sat there for a while just talking. I don’t recall what Bill said, but it was something that led me to ask if he was saved and he said yes.  Later at lunch, Bill shared his testimony. Bill asked me what church I attend and I told him and we discovered that he knows a couple guys at my church, one of them being the missions pastor.

So, long story short, if God had chosen to heal me, I never would have had that operation, never would have gone to the rehab facility and never would have met Bill. God used Bill to bless me during a very difficult time in my life over the summer.

Before anybody gets any ideas, let me tell you he’s old enough to be my father and a stand-up guy. Bill is also a veteran with his own health concerns. God has blessed Bill so that he can be a blessing to others.

So, the moral of the story is this, just because God does not heal you or answer your prayers the way that you want Him to, does NOT mean that God is neglecting you, abandoning you or forgetting about it. God ALWAYS has our best interests in mind and will do His will on our behalf…always for OUR benefit and to bless US!

I feel compelled to share this song again…



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