Bachata…The End…

So, last night was my last Bachata class. Yes, I could continue and move on from Total Beginner to Level 1, but right now, it’s too much to rush from work every Wednesday trying to race through rush hour traffic to get to class in 30 minutes. Under “normal” circumstances, 30 minutes would be plenty of time to get from work to dance class, but in rush hour traffic, it’s pushing it. The town that I work in is not really close to the town where the dance studio is located.  I truly want to continue as I believe many of my classmates will continue. It’s nearly impossible to find men who know how to dance, so that’s just another reason why I enjoyed the class so much!  Besides, Andres, the instructor really knows how to teach and demonstrate his instruction in a way that’s easy to copy, learn and emulate.

I did not ask every man his name, but did ask two guys, Charles and Robert. Charles is in NO way a beginner. He did a lot of “advanced” moves with me. I don’t think Robert realizes how good he is or how easy it is to follow him.  I look forward to dancing with both of them again some day…

I wanted to share a video of Bachata dancing, but alas, I could not find a CLEAN video to share. I know and understand that Bachata is a sensual dance, but my goodness…I’m sure one exists, I just couldn’t find one to share here before 8pm, when the date on this post will change.  So, I better hit the publish button.

Some day, I’m going to have someone take a video of me dancing…



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