Happy Birthday to ME!

I know it has been over a month since my last post. I have been living life, dealing with life’s challenges, pursuing one of my goals and I started dancing again.

Today is my birthday and the BEST gift that I could give to myself this year was a couple days off from work! I went dancing last Friday and had the pleasure of dancing with Philip a couple of times.  Philip is by far the BEST dancer who attends this particular dance on Friday nights!  I gave my cell phone to his wife Nicole and asked if she would video me dancing with her husband since I have never seen myself really dancing and she was kind enough to try.  I say try because while Nicole said she would press the red button, for some reason, she ended up taking photos of me dancing with Philip and only got about 17 seconds of us dancing the Hustle.  I can only HOPE that they attend this Friday and that I will get that desired video so that I can see what I look like dancing.

It’s a challenge to celebrate your birthday when it’s on a weekday and others are at work, but I’m thankful to have gone to lunch with a friend who works from home. I’m thankful for having the day off and being able to get my favorite Greek meal. I’m thankful that I was able to visit my niece Kelsey and her daughter Melody last Saturday.  I’m thankful for the many birthday wishes posted on my Facebook page, texts and phone calls to wish me a Happy Birthday!  Most of all, I’m thankful for the eternal sacrifice that Jesus made on the cross so that I could live eternally with Him. I’m thankful that God has chosen to grant me a new beginning each day that I awake.  I’m thankful for God’s grace and mercy each and every single day, despite my many faults and flaws.  I’m thankful that God’s not through with me yet…He has more work to do in and through me before I’m ready to go home to receive my crown of glory and my new body. I can’t wait for that new body!!!  🙂  I’m thankful to live long enough to see and celebrate another birthday!!!  I hope and pray that this year will be the grandest of them all!!!  🙂

Ciprianna and Philip

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