CPR Training

I attended a CPR class this morning. I am already CPR certified but my certification expires in September. This class came up at the perfect time and for the perfect price, only $20.

This class was much better than other classes I have attended in the past in that the instructor used a wireless app, I assume, to connect to each mannequin so that they could monitor what each person was doing. At the end of each cycle, the instructor went over the results and showed us what we did and the areas where each person needs to improve; it was a GREAT feature! I was very nervous because your results are broadcast on a TV screen for the entire class to see, but praise Jesus, I got a 99% and my breathing was a perfect score!  I have taken several CPR training classes but this was the first time that I was able to use a mouth piece to place over the mannequin’s nose and mouth to breathe into.

Now, the chances of anyone having one of these mouth pieces on hand during an emergency is slim to none, so learning how to breathe properly into someone’s mouth is crucial because you could save a loved one’s life. If you encounter a stranger who needs your assistance, you are NOT required to breathe into someone’s mouth for obvious reasons and saran wrap will NOT work to prevent the transfer of germs. Therefore, you are ONLY required to do chest compressions until help arrives.

The other thing that this particular class offered was the chance to learn on a baby mannequin. We also learned how to use an AED machine. Using an AED is fairly easy because the machine talks to you and instructs you on what to do and when to do it. Once you place the class, you will receive your card in the mail which is good for 2 years.

I don’t know how old the oldest person in the class was but the youngest person was only 10 years old, proving that you are never too young to learn how to save a life.

Here is a link to the 2010 CPR Guidelines for illustrative purposes only as they change every year.

Again, if you have children or just want to be in a position to help someone, family member or not, while you wait for help to arrive, I highly recommend that you attend a CPR training class to get certified!!! It’s easy and you’ll be glad that you did!





More Than Brains

I’m not one for commercials, at least not since I was a kid and we (the other kids who lived in my apartment complex) would sit in the back of the school bus singing commercials.  Yeah, we were the last to get dropped off, so we had to keep ourselves busy.

Anyway, I absolutely LOVE this commercial and the jingle, too.   🙂