Refiner’s Fire

Who’s in the fire with you???  We’ve ALL been through tough times and some of us are STILL going through tough times.  The real question is who’s in the fire with you?

Tough times often push us into the arms of Jesus, causing us to cling to Him.  Perhaps, that’s the point of going through tough times: to push us into the arms of Jesus, causing us to cling to Him, teaching us, and reminding us, that Jesus NEVER leaves our side.  Like the scripture says, “never will I leave you, never will I forsake you” and that means during the good times and especially the bad.

Jesus told us that there would be hard times, “in this life, you will have trials and tribulations, but take heart, I have overcome the world”.  So, for anyone who thinks the Christian life or being a follower of Jesus is going to be a bowl of cherries, must think again, because you’ve been misinformed.  The scriptures teach us otherwise.  But, the scriptures ALWAYS encourage us.  Remember that you are never alone when the trials come.  Remember that at the end of every test, there is a testimony!  Each day above ground is another opportunity to press forward and kill it.  So, let’s do this!!!



God Isn’t Finished, Yet

There is so much I could say here and I’ve said most of it in my head, but I’ll just say this: be careful what you pray for because He is faithful to give it to you. So, if you pray for patience, God will surely give you a trial to teach you how to be patient. If you ask God to increase your trust, He will surely send a trial to teach you to trust HIM. I think you get the point. I’m NOT saying you should not pray for these things (because God will teach you these things anyway), I’m just making you aware of how my Abba Father, operates.   Seriously though, God dips each of us into the refiner’s fire for our benefit to transform us into the men and women He created us to be.

One last bit of encouragement, DO NOT compare yourself to anyone else. I’ve met people who have been saved for decades who are still sucking on breast-milk while some folks who just got saved have moved on to the grown folk’s table and are now chewing on meat & potatoes.  You have your own Romans Road, so just walk it out knowing that God isn’t finished with you yet because He who is faithful will finish what He started.

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Alone Time With God

I need my alone time with God. I remember when I used to work in NYC and would get to work extra early so that I could spend time with my dearest Dad.  I also remember being so rigid that I’d get annoyed if someone interrupted us, until I finally gave in and accepted the obvious…God was sending people to me for a reason, and that reason was NOT so I could feel annoyed, but rather for me to share His Word with whomever was “interrupting” me.  It was a huge reminder that we ALL need to be open to those “interruptions” which are really divine appointments.

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Unspoken On Mainstream TV???

I just found this video by “accident” after watching something else.  I’m SHOCKED to see a Christian band on a mainstream morning news show.  I wonder if this aired on a weekend or weekday morning?  Anyway, I’m glad to see a band I enjoy so much getting such media exposure all for His glory!