I cannot believe how long it has been since my last entry. Life happens sometimes. I look forward to getting back on the horse.

Today is Thanksgiving and I have much to be thankful for. Today also marks 8 months that my brother-in-Christ went home to receive his Crown of Glory. I want to share the post/tribute that I posted on my Facebook page.

Dear Bill,
Today marks 8 months since you went home to be with the Lord to receive your Crown of Glory. It took me 6 months before I could even look at any of these pictures because it was just too painful. I was planning to visit your grave today, but the Lord proved once again that He works in mysterious ways. Yesterday, I went to pay my respects to a wonderful sister-in-Christ as she was being laid to rest…and as it turns out, she was placed a short distance from you. So, Raj was kind enough to stop as we drove by your grave so that I could visit for a few brief moments. Your headstone is just beautiful! As you know, today is Thanksgiving and I have MUCH to be thankful for!!! One of the MANY things that I’m thankful for is your friendship, kindness, generosity and brotherly love. I miss our visits and all the stories you shared with me. I still remember the day when God finally revealed to me why He did not heal me and prevent me from having surgery because if He had healed me, I never would have met you. So, I guess in a strange way, I’m THANKFUL that I had to have surgery and be in a rehab facility so that I could meet you, Bill. I look forward to the day when I will see you again my friend!!! I love you and I miss you!
Love your lil sister,









Ballroom Dance Partner Wanted – Craigslist Ad

I haven’t shared much about what’s been going on with me and my ballroom dancing.

I believe it was Labor Day that I reignited my quest to find a ballroom dance partner by placing yet another ad on I have been placing ads on craigslist for a few years…yeah…because it just THAT HARD to find a man who enjoys ballroom dancing!!!  Yeah, and that’s just how DESPERATE I am to sink to the level of posting on craigslist, but it hasn’t been all…bad.  I have made one friend who responded a couple years ago. Sometimes I go dancing with him and his wife. Yeah, you know I’m keeping it on the up-and-up. The wife has met me and I don’t do anything without her knowing or permission. That is NOT how I roll.  In fact, I just saw him last Tuesday at the Salsa class that I started and asked where his wife was…she was taking another dance class elsewhere.  I think it’s so cool how they do so many activities together…THAT’S how you keep your marriage positive.

Anyway, most of the people who have been responding to this “round” of ad posts have NO dance experience!!!  How on earth do you respond to an ad looking for a dance partner if you can’t dance???!!! I’m NOT a dance instructor and even if I were, I don’t want to teach anybody, I want to practice to improve my own skills.

Saturday night, Oct. 15th I met up with 2 guys who responded. Unfortunately, the night was a complete bust because the dance studio where I’m taking a Bachata class was practically empty except for the people who looked like they were practicing for a competition. There was only a handful of couples who appeared to be dancing for the pure joy of dancing. The one guy never left his seat. I tried to get him to dance with me, but he kept turning me down. The other guy can NOT lead at all.  I’ve NEVER stepped on someone’s foot…I’m not talking about toes because I never touched his toes, but his FOOT!!!  We were doing a very basic move in Salsa, forward step & back step and then he turned me. I don’t know what he did, but before I could complete my turn, his foot was under mine and I almost elbowed him in the mouth!!!  Now, I danced Salsa Friday, Oct. 7th at the same dance studio and did NOT step on anyone, so I KNOW this mishap was NOT my fault!!!  In fact, I was able to follow this dancer so well, that he complemented, especially after I revealed to him that I had NEVER done half of the moves that he was able to lead me in. He (Tom) told me that I did very well following him!

I should get a commission from all of the people that I have referred to 2 dance studios with the best prices and instruction in my area. I’ve suggested these studios to every single one of these guys who have responded not knowing how to dance.

The other unfortunate problem with posting on craigslist is all the guys who think they will have sex with me.  I’ve posted in the ‘Activities’ section as well as the ‘Strictly Platonic’ section and still I get a slew of perves.  I guess it goes with the “territory”.

Well, I guess only time will tell if I’ll be able to find anyone serious about dancing ballroom. Lord, Jesus, help me!!!

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