Happy Birthday, Uncle Bobby!

Yes, I have 2 uncles born a day apart. My mother is also their baby sister, who was also born in September.  I don’t know how their mother, my grandmother (who passed when my mom was 7 years old) did it with 5 children, 3 of whom were born in the same month?! I still remember the first time I left the state ALONE to visit Uncle Bobby by train.  I hadn’t seen him since I was 6 years old and I was in high school, around my junior year, so needless to say, I walked right by him when I got off the train. He didn’t recognize me and I didn’t recognize him, but it became obvious once we were the only 2 left on the platform!


Happy Birthday, Uncle Winst!

I debated about whether or not I wanted to or should post this because my Uncle’s death is still pretty raw despite the fact that he went home to be with the Lord over a year ago. My Uncle John, whom we all called ‘Winst’ short for his last name, Winston, though the T is silent like many French names and words.

Anyway, I’m grateful knowing that I’ll see him again when it’s my turn to receive my crown of glory, but it’s still tough. It’s tough because Uncle Winst was the person I went to to talk about godly things when I first got saved.

Happy Birthday, Uncle Winst!

Happy Birthday…from Nino!

I normally do not go out dancing during the week because I have to go to work the next day. Well, I went dancing last Wednesday and had so much fun…that I decided to go again last night.

First of all, let me tell you it was brutal trying to get out of the bed for work this morning, but…I had a pretty good time last night.

That still small voice inside told me to call the Elks to ask who the DJ would be because I did not want to go if the “boring-make-me-fall-asleep” guy was going to be there, but I didn’t listen and sure enough, that’s who was there last night. Not once but twice, there was NO MUSIC playing and the dance floor was completely empty!!!  I appeared to be the only person annoyed or appalled by this and Luca even said it was okay because we were all together talking and hanging out. I have to admit, I do enjoy the conversation with the regulars at “my” table.

As soon as I arrived, I sat down to put my dance shoes on and I look up and see Nino with his jacket on making a mad dash for the door…without saying hello first. The next thing I see are 2 feet standing in front of me as I tied my shoe laces. It was Nino. He had gone out to his car to get my birthday gift…one of his “famous” paintings with the words ‘Happy Birthday 2016’. I stood up and gave Nino a proper Italian greeting and thank you.

That was not the end of the “celebration”.  Later while dancing, Nino asked me if I would mind having the DJ announce my birthday. That’s a normal part of each dance, to honor and celebrate those having a birthday. Last week, Nino asked for my name and phone number. I thought he was going to call to sing Happy Birthday in Italian, but he never called. Nino said he needed to remember my name because after a couple years, he can never remember my name, which is ironic considering my name is Italian. 🙂

Anyway, Nino told the DJ, who waited for a quite a few minutes before making the announcement. Perhaps, because my birthday was last Friday and perhaps irrelevant in his mind, or perhaps he did so so as not to take away from the person who was celebrating a “current” birthday, I do not know. I do know that it was great having the crowd sing Happy Birthday being led by the DJ, who did a pretty good job pronouncing my name…impressive. Perhaps that was the delay, to get the pronunciation correct. 🙂

After the singing and during the coffee & cake time, many people came up to me to wish me a Happy Birthday, which was quite nice…made me feel all warm & fuzzy inside. Much to my surprise, a man I’ve seen at almost every dance since I first began attending, walked up to me and asked to dance with the birthday girl!!!  See, miracles happen every day! 🙂  Another chap who I’ve seen at almost every dance and who happened to sit at “my” table last night, also asked me to dance…Tango. Everyone who knows me, knows I do not like Tango, not even to watch others dance it, except of course for that scene in that Antonio Banderas moving about the dance instructor in the NYC school system. I had a hard time following this man, but he was brave enough to hang in there and not throw in the towel. I had a hard time because we were not doing the basic Tango steps that I know, and I only know the very basics.

All-in-all, it was a good night and the DJ earned some brownie points. I’m looking forward  to Friday night.  🙂

I’m grateful to know Nino, who always takes care of me!  My apologies to Chris for missing out on those birthday cupcakes…it will NEVER happen again!!!

20160331_191201 (1)

Happy Birthday to…Me!

I want to take a moment to thank everyone for all the birthday wishes via text, email and phone.

Lord Jesus, I’d like to thank you for allowing me to see another year of life. I ask for forgiveness of my sins and for any ungratefulness I have felt or displayed. I thank you, Father, for all of the people you have placed in my life and I thank you for all of the people that you have removed from my life. Each person has been instrumental in molding me into the woman I am today. Each person has been in my life for a reason or a season. I thank you, Father, for a second chance at a fun-filled life on the dance floor!  I’m looking forward to what this next year of life will bring and counting on your loving protection and blessings.

Thank you, Daddy Dearest, Muah!!! Image result for emoji